It All Started In 2009 When I Launched My First Start-Up. A Brand Identity Agency.

From setting up my first website and getting my first business card printed, I realized I had to learn how to market myself. That search led me down a journey of getting all of the online courses, books, workshops, and mentors I could get my hands on. It eventually led me down a path of working behind the scenes of some of  the most influential personal brands and humans who genuinely inspired me.





Years Later, My Work Started To Evolve & I Began Working With Leaders Impacting Billions.

The next decade led me down the path of working with creators and founders.

Starting my business in my teens, I had no idea this entrepreneurial journey was going to require so much personal development and inner-work. Slowly, as I evolved, my business started to evolve. Inspired by the changes I was going through, I decided I wanted to work with the people who inspired me, so I rebranded my company under the new name Influence Society. The name was my intention. Over the years, my craft evolved from positioning people as authorities to helping people monetize their brands.

By the time 2020 hit, the world stopped and I sensed things were about to change. My business partner Prince Ea and I decided we were going to launch a video agency called Viral Impact Studios helping creators create viral social media content and luxury education products. Fast forward, we ventured to launch Life Youniversity.


Music Connoisseur.

My work goes deeper than just brand building. It's been a vehicle for me to grasp a deeper understanding of the human experience and how to optimize it to live an elevated life. This is the driving force for why I work with who I work with and the type of projects I get involved in. The deeper mission here is to make personal growth and conscious living mainstream.

What I'm 


After hustling and grinding for years, I've been loving the process of my newfound commitment to my wellness. The daily research has taught me so much about myself and the wisdom is healing.

What I'm 


I'm currently diving into the power of AI and how we can use it to understand our audience on a deeper level, automate the boring tasks we don't love and scale our brands with ease.

What I'm 

not about

I'm not the typical "I'm going to help you make money online" or "Look at my rented lambo" guy. Although money is important, I'm the "I'm going to help you pursue something deeper" kind of guy.

what I


I believe all of us were put here for a reason, with a purpose and a calling. I believe my job through this platform is to help you discover that so you can build something meaningful to you.


- Corey Johnson

“Why look for someone to model when you were put here to be someone different?”


“He stays on the cutting edge of the industry and infuses his heart and creativity in everything he does.”

Prince Ea and I are business partners, but before launching Viral Impact Studios and Life Youniversity, we worked together for years.


“I can honestly say he's been an absolute joy to work with. He brought my vision to life with attention, focus and style. ”

Jay and I collaborated to roll out his brand identity for his personal brand, podcast, alongside other projects.


“He helped me clarify my brand and create a clear and concise message.”

Drea and I worked together to launch her brand identity and we continue to work together on rolling out her monetization.



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